Guillotine Post hosted the Closing Party for the Atlanta Film Festival, welcoming over 400 film
professionals & enthusiasts on April 25.  Immediately after the screening of the closing film, Mexico’s
“Rudi Y Cursi”, Guillotine opened its studios to the attendees, sponsors & members.  “We enjoy being
sponsors of the Festival; the caliber of films gets better each year & they have such a dedicated staff. This
is a great fit for us, especially since the festival screens next door,” said Guillotine President Michael
With additional sponsorship from the Instituto de Mexico & refreshments provided by Red Bull, Tommy
Bahama, Coca-Cola & Frontera Grill, the party went deep into the night. “We love meeting filmmakers &
movie fans.  Georgia is enjoying a film renaissance & we’ve become more involved in the film community
here. This is a good opportunity for us to interact with people that we’ve been meeting throughout the
festival,” noted Guillotine’s Nicole Kemper, the primary organizer of the party